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Anima final

Filled with image-conjuring lyricism, musical domination and smokey jazz vibes, it’s a truly transformative debut.

Generating a true sense of power and forwardness, in more ways than one, any calmness is cast aside to reveal a sound filled with dominance.
Sub-bass rumbles in the depths, Blade-runner style glitches interject each other and curiosity-infused sustained melodies swirl above.
It really is the most perfectly futuristic setting for the lyricism. Equally, with strength filled distorted vocals sending energy inside us and
musical power being pushed into our ears, you really do want more of what Anima have to offer.


Statement-making, message-driven, and eye-openingly creative, it’s a visual as phenomenal as the release itself.

When an artist releases an incredibly strong, incredibly creative debut track, there is always going to be a sense of expectation around the visuals that go with it. Sometimes for budget reasons, a lyric video, or perhaps a visualiser will be delivered initially. Then, a month or so later, a more elaborate one may appear. All of these are of course completely accepted approaches, and regardless of reason, understandable. For Austrian artist Anima though, the first and only visual to accompany debut track ‘Naima’ is a bold statement that, in their own words, “traces our journeys from nature and being nature ourselves, into the cold environments of the mega cities we live in today.” 

David Croker, Listen To Discover

Wow! Photography, coreography and costumes, everything in this video is simply dazzling! That’s an outstanding representation of the feminine spirit and sacred female nature, I feel honored by it myself!

Cansei do Mainstream


A very impressive song that never ceases to amaze at every twist and turn of this highly evolutive sound structure. Elements of Jazz, Breakbeat, IDM, experimental Techno and Urban music juxtaposes to form an incredible track that has a unique sound. A truly staggering work of art!

Boulimique de Musique

Hello A N I M A,
your song is it is authentic, contagious and energetic. It deserves the world. We love to list it on our website.
Kind Regards, eolor team.‘