Anima final

A N I M A team

music team: A N I MA (vocals), Oszillator (producers), Elf11 (producer), HighDee (vocal engineer), Franz Hautzinger (trumpet)

creative team: Natalie Jean-Marain (overall concept & script), Soleil Jean-Marain (choreography & dance), Shyam Jones (camera & editing), Mael Blau (costume design), Ariana McManus (artistic CI & art props) and Marion Kunst (A N I M A‘s homepage)


our goal is to convey our worlds of thoughts and feelings, as well as the complex and profound messages and moods of
A N I M A to the listener through our special sound design and arrangement.
for this purpose we combine organic and electronic sounds. these sounds include real instruments, field recordings and other organic recordings (for instance sounds we create with our bodies) and electronic sounds created by digital and analog instruments, digital sound design and processed, „electronified“ organic instruments and recordings.
we combine all these sonic aspects to design the listening experience of
A N I M A and to create cross-genre arrangements with them. for these reasons, we do not move within previously determined genres and styles, but rather allow the form and sound of

A N I M A’s works to evolve from our emotions evoked by the messages intended for the listener. these emotions can become a coherent musical listening experience through the sound sources used and their manipulations.
only then can we also expect the listener’s experience to be as profound as we ourselves feel it.

Oszillator is an emerging electronic music producer and dj duo based in vienna/austria. consisting of the producers Max McManus (21) and Benedikt Meschik (21) who have been friends since 2010. after going to school together they started producing music as a duo in 2020 for their first project – producing the artist  A N I M A .

Max is a classicaly trained pianist and autodidactic multi-instrumentalist. he dropped out of high school at the age of 16 and pursued his degree as an audio engineer to further deepen his knowledge of electronic music production. Max shares his early found passion for creating modern music by teaching his mixing and producing methods to his students.

Benedikt is a classicaly and also jazz trained pianist graduating high school, majoring in music and piano. After school he started djing and got his pioneer certification as a dj. currently Benedikt is studying music at the university of vienna and music production at the online university Point Blank. On the side he is also teaching the art of djing and piano.

both are teachers at DJ Sound Austria in vienna. always looking for new approaches to evoke emotion through their unique sound design, the duo bends genres and styles to create tracks which depict their cinematic and musical visions.

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it is important to build a strong foundation of trust between the artist and the producer, to create space for the artist to let go and surrender to the process. for every new artist we need to create a new unique producing vision. when we produce other artists, we must fundamentally capture their essence.
we need to ask them the right questions. we need to help them gain clarity which fragment of their manyfacetted personality is the main player.

the idea „i just wanna be me, authentic.“ usually is not enough for a successful artistic endeavor.
we need to be bigger than life. if we are bigger than life from our core, we will be authentic. all aspects of the personality will eventually enter the game, but even within ourselves we need a leader for every artistic adventure.

if we, as producers, manage to strongly center our artists in their vision, obstacles and set-backs will no longer stop them. their minds will be off their fears of failing. they are now set up for success. successful producing always encompasses a certain amount of coaching the artist.

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recording music is not simply capturing sound. first and foremost it is capturing energy. our task as producers is to create a space in which the artist feels safe and comfortable to unfold her or his artistic potential to the fullest.

birthing your art is like birthing a child. the words of doula Hazel Tree perfectly express how i feel when recording an artist’s voice.

”… my intention is to support the process of birth to happen through trusting the birthing woman’s natural ability and innate wisdom. this means keeping my own agenda and personal baggage out of the room.
it is about being fully present to what is happening, being conscious and aware of what is unfolding in the moment.”

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working with  A N I M A  made a dream come true and a vision come to life that i never articulated even to myself, and so never realized i held. a vision of art deeply exploring into the uncharted realms of our being, with loving care for the tiniest detail while never losing sight of the big vision.

HighDee is a sound engineer and vocal producer. she is one of the ceos of Music.Art Vienna and co-owner of recording studio Room 66 and label SixtySix Records in vienna. in  A N I M A  she has found an art project utterly aligned with her core values, and a place to express her own artistic voice in her intuitive style of recording and producing vocals.

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Soleil Jean-Marain

art doesn’t have to be translated into words to be understood. it has the power to impact us simply because it exists. 

i am a young artist currently trying to gain a foothold in the huge world of dance.  A N I M A is one of the projects that bring me one step closer to realizing myself as an artist. choreographing and dancing for  A N I M A  showed me what it means to have artistic freedom within a certain framework

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Ariana McManus

as the musical aspects of  A N I M A  are an alchemistic mix and mashup of styles, i leaned on alchemistic symbols and runes for my designs. taking the meaning of the latin word anima (lat. breath, soul) and combining this with alchemistic concepts, the logo is derived from the alchemistic symbols for air (breath) and sulfur (soul, conciousness). 
even in psychoanalytics the term anima was used by Carl Gustav Jung to describe the personification of female nature in a person (of any gender).
Ariana McManus is a visual as well as musical artist. in her work as a fine artist she likes to explore different mediums such as wood, metal, textile, sound, graphics, print medium… her conceptual work often revolves around personal experiences, issues of connection and interaction.
integrating more into vienna’s music scene she sings blues, jazz and practices vocal techniques for rock and metal. while studying art education she plays bass and sings in two bands @blondeonblonde60s and @philippandhisbirds