Naima official music video



out of the darkest night our worldsoul is being born.
it is us, untouchable, unbreakable, irreversibly immortal.
darkness is the soil, the ferment for the breaking of a new dawn.
it is the inevitable unfolding of the true Magnum Opus, the alchemy of the worlds within:

i see armies of goddesses and newborn men, filling the fields to the edge of the skies.
weapons aimed melting like liquid glass into the glaring silence of the midday sun.

i bow before thee warrior of darkness, for you have been the greatest teacher of all.
you have taught us that we are inseparably connected to the eternal flame,
that all separation is but a mere illusion, for you are the greatest illusionist
creating the illusion of your almightiness.

you have taught us that even your every atom,
your every breath is an inseparable part of the all.
i hear your cry splitting universes in two,
i welcome your scream, for your pain is the healing of your wounded soul.



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