Anima final



the central idea of JazzPeriments is to re-interpret jazz standards by setting the melodies and progressions in an experimental/contemporary context, reshaping the original rhythmic landscapes into a modern beat language and playing with musical elements to create new and intriguing textures of sound.
A N I M A´ s musical and textual additions to the ageless spirit of jazz, her edgy vocal interpretations, are her very personal tribute to the African Culture that she´s always felt connected to on a very deep level.

in this album, we hope to bring to life the spirit, the mysticism, the deep connection to the earth of an ancient culture, often considered as the cradle of humanity. we aim to carve out acoustic pathways to emotionally bridge our new world to the old, reconnecting us to our long lost inner sense, that it is ultimately on US as a collective to design the future we truly wish to see.


together with Oszillator, i create this album in deep honoring of the Afro-American people, who have contributed their amazing spirit, their exquisite and unique gift of rhythm, music and dance to our global culture, in spite of the unspeakable atrocities inflicted upon generation of Africans for no reason. as i write these words, i feel pain, sadness, deep empathy as well as deep respect in my body and soul.

how can we STILL not know that we are all of the same kind? HUMAN.

current developments and very actual political occurrences are alarming wake up calls to our awareness for history not to repeat itself. this is my outspoken and fierce stand against any form of racism, any form of discrimination, whether it be color, gender, religious conviction or other. it is my call for care and respect, holding a vision of healing. healing for us as ONE HUMAN RACE.
may we find the awareness and strength to restore the wisdom of the Ancients living close to the earth, in harmony and respect with the environment and all living beings.

„I Have A Dream“ that one day we will stop the war against ourselves.


above all, my heart goes out to women, women all ages and all cultural backgrounds. my entire work aims to remind us of our innate feminine power, strengthen our voices, it’s a call to stand up against the age old suppression of our magic feminine energy. Naima and the prelude Ancestress are not only a tribute to Afro-American women in music, but to the feminine spirit and soul.


it is our intention to not only create an experience of linear tracks and musical forward-motion, but to break up speed and movement by inserting spatial openings, sound-rooms to be entered. drawing the listener into the acoustic occurences on a physical and cellular level aims to invoke mysteries sleeping in our DNA.

the  A R R I V A L  of  A N I M A  marks the return of the feminine principle.
her voice is the voice of the collective, announcing the irrevocable rebirth of the Anima Consciousness in us. without compromise, her music speaks to our cells, plucking strings deep in our DNA, awakening the memory of our origins.  A N I M A  sings our Great Mother’s unconditional love into our awareness. she reminds us of the fierce Warrior Goddess dormant in each and everyone of us. Nothing external will ever come to save us, it is an internal force that will end the war that begins within ourselves. Even if darkness appears to condense intensly before our very eyes, we will break the illusion, our path is set, there is no turning back.

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